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Start-up/Indian Entity services

We believe in keeping up with the changing trends of industries. With this view in mind, we have dedicated a separate area of practice only for startups. They are potential game-changers of the future and work with other startups and mid-size companies.

We assist them from the formative stages, including their choice of entity for incorporation, shareholding pattern, legal compliance and applicable regulations, drafting of by-laws, maintenance of their regulatory and compliance requirements & registrations. This ensures we keep to our mission of long term client relationships.

Our experience taught us that most startup founders are yet to have a complete hold of business and compliance practices. We also provide a certain degree of assisting them by holding client-specific presentations to help them understand their position in the company, how shareholding works, mechanics of obtaining equity or debt funding etc. Additionally, we also help in the review of their business plans, identifying appropriate funding sources, and structuring their business to make it more lucrative for investors.

Following are the gist of services we provide:

  • Consultancy for Entry into India to start up a new business venture in India.
  • Registration, Licenses and Statutory Approvals required from different authorities.
  • Company Formation, LLP formation and other forms to start a business.
  • Registrations for IEC, Shop & Establishments Act, Labour Law, NBFC, Trademarks, Copyrights, and Patents etc.
  • Approvals from RBI to set up liaison offices
  • Liaising with various other authorities.
  • Expertise in negotiating, drafting and executing all kind of contracts and agreements, including Joint Venture Agreements, Share Purchase Agreements, Distributorship Agreements, Franchise Agreements, Trademark License Agreements, Confidentiality Agreements, Sale Deed, Lease Deed, Gift Deed of Movable & Immovable Property, Wills, Tenancy Agreement, Power of Attorney, Affidavits, etc.